Do USPS Employees Get Discounts on Flights?

Unfortunately, USPS employees do not have specific discounts on flights in the same way that some other government and military employees do. These individuals often benefit from government contracts and programs that offer reduced fares on certain airlines.

However, there are still ways for USPS employees to save money on air travel:

General travel discounts:

  • USPS membership: The United States Postal Service Membership organization offers travel discounts through its partnerships with various companies. These include car rentals, hotels, vacation packages, and cruises.
  • Employee benefit programs: Many private employee benefit programs like Union Plus Discounts or Aetna Choice Plans offer travel discounts to members. Check with your specific program for available offers.
  • General travel websites and apps: Platforms like Kayak, Google Flights, and Hopper can help you find the best deals on airfare by comparing prices across different airlines and travel agencies.

Airline-specific options:

  • Some airlines offer discounts to everyone, such as senior discounts or student discounts. You may be eligible for these offers if they apply.
  • Some airlines occasionally offer special promotions or flash sales. Regularly checking airline websites and subscribing to their newsletters can help you catch these deals.
  • Credit card reward programs that offer airline miles or points can be a good way to accumulate travel rewards over time.

Alternative travel options:

  • Consider Amtrak trains for slower, but potentially more scenic and affordable travel within certain regions.
  • Explore carpooling or bus travel for shorter distances, depending on your destination and budget.

While there may not be a dedicated USPS employee discount for flights, you can still find ways to save money by exploring various options and taking advantage of available programs and deals.

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