Does USPS Do Notary Services?

No, the USPS does not offer notary services. This might be surprising to some as USPS does offer services like certified mail and registered mail, but these are different kinds of services altogether.

There are a few reasons why USPS cannot perform notary services:

  • Federal vs. State Authority: Notary public licenses are issued by individual states, while the USPS is a federal agency. Each state has its own laws and regulations governing notary services, and these services do not fall under the purview of the federal government.
  • Notary Training and Responsibilities: Notaries public are required to complete specific training and adhere to specific ethical guidelines. USPS employees do not receive this training and are not authorized to take on the responsibilities of a notary.

If you need your documents notarized, you’ll need to find a licensed notary public. Here are some places you can search for one:

  • Banks and credit unions: Many banks and credit unions offer notary services to their customers.
  • Shipping stores: Some shipping stores, such as The UPS Store, offer notary services.
  • Private notary services: Many independent businesses offer notary services.
  • Online notary services: Several online notary services allow you to notarize documents remotely using video conferencing.

Remember to check the fees and requirements of any notary service before using them.

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