Exploring USPS Employee Shipping Discounts

While USPS employees cannot use their employee credentials for personal shipping discounts, there are other options and resources available to them for saving on shipping needs:

General Shipping Discounts:

  • USPS Employee Discounts website: Although limited in options, this website occasionally offers special deals on shipping supplies like boxes and labels.
  • USPS Retail Discounts: These apply to everyone, not just employees, and sometimes include lower rates for flat-rate boxes or Priority Mail when purchased at the post office.
  • Shipping comparison websites: Platforms like Pirate Ship, ShipStation, and Easyship help compare rates across different carriers and potentially find cheaper options depending on package size, weight, and destination.
  • Bulk shipping discounts: If you regularly ship a large quantity of items, consider negotiating discounted rates directly with USPS or other carriers.

Alternative Shipping Methods:

  • Media Mail: This cost-effective option is suitable for books, music, and educational materials.
  • Regional Rate boxes: Choose from flat-rate boxes designed for specific zones within the US, offering discounted rates for specific weights and distances.
  • Pick-up services: Schedule free package pick-ups from your home or office, eliminating the need to visit the post office.

Employee-Specific Resources:

  • Union Plus Discounts: If you’re a member of the APWU, check the Union Plus program for deals on shipping supplies and services from partnered companies.
  • Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs): Some EAPs offer financial resources and budgeting assistance, which can indirectly help with managing shipping costs.

Additional Tips:

  • Utilize free packaging materials: The USPS offers free Priority Mail and flat-rate boxes at post offices.
  • Consider consolidation: Combine multiple shipments into one larger package whenever possible to reduce costs.
  • Track your packages: USPS tracking is free, allowing you to monitor delivery progress and avoid potential lost or delayed packages.

Remember, the most suitable option depends on your specific shipping needs and budget. Research, compare rates, and utilize available resources to find the most cost-effective way to send your packages while being an USPS employee.

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