How to Contact LiteBlue Human Resources?

LiteBlue Human Resources

While the LiteBlue platform itself doesn’t have a dedicated Human Resources department, there are several ways to get help with HR-related inquiries:

1. Utilize the USPS Help Desk:

2. Contact your Local HR Representative:

  • This is the most direct approach for addressing specific questions or concerns related to your individual situation.
  • Contact information for your local HR representative can be found through:
    • Your local post office supervisor.
    • The USPS intranet (Blue page for supervisors, for employees).
    • The USPS directory

3. Refer to the LiteBlue Knowledge Base:

  • This online resource contains a wealth of information on various HR topics, including pay, benefits, leave, and more.
  • Access the Knowledge Base at [invalid URL removed].

4. Utilize the eOPF Self Service:

  • This online portal allows you to view and update your Employee Official Personnel File (eOPF), which contains important information about your employment.
  • Access eOPF Self Service through LiteBlue.

Important Notes:

  • When contacting HR, remember to have your Employee ID number readily available.
  • For issues requiring immediate attention, such as lost paychecks or benefits concerns, contact your local HR representative directly.

I hope this information helps!

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