Where Can I Find My USPS Employee ID Number?

As I mentioned before, I cannot access or share your personal information, including your USPS employee ID number. This information is confidential and should only be accessed through authorized channels for your security and privacy.

Here are some safe and secure ways to find your employee ID number:

If you are currently a USPS employee:

  • Paystub or earnings statement: Look for your most recent paystub or earnings statement. Your employee ID number will be printed at the top, usually above the label “Employee ID” or “EIN.
  • LiteBlue employee portal: Log in to the LiteBlue employee portal. Your employee ID number should be displayed somewhere in your account information.
  • Supervisor or Human Resources: Contact your supervisor or the Human Resources department for assistance. They will be able to verify your identity and provide you with your employee ID number securely.

If you are not currently a USPS employee:

  • You should not have a USPS employee ID number. If you are concerned about a potential identity theft issue, you can contact the USPS Office of Inspector General to report it.

Remember, sharing your employee ID number should only be done with authorized personnel and through secure channels. If you are unsure whether a request for your ID number is legitimate, contact your supervisor or Human Resources for guidance.

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