How to get w2 on Liteblue?

How to get w2 on Liteblue?

Here’s how to access your W-2 form on LiteBlue USPS:


  • You must be a USPS employee with a valid LiteBlue account.
  • An internet connection and a web browser are required.


  1. Secure Login: Navigate directly to the official LiteBlue login page using a trusted web browser. Avoid using external links due to security concerns. The official website is: [invalid URL removed]

  2. Log In: Enter your Employee ID and password on the login page and click “Log On.” If enabled for your account, complete any additional Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) steps.

  3. Locate “Paystubs and Tax Information”: Once logged in, look for a section labeled “Paystubs and Tax Information” or a similar category related to tax documents within the LiteBlue interface. The specific location might vary slightly depending on the platform design.

  4. Access W-2 Forms: Within the “Paystubs and Tax Information” section, you should find options to view or download your W-2 forms for previous tax years. Look for designated buttons or links labeled “W-2” or “Tax Documents.”

  5. Download or Print: Once you’ve located your W-2 form for the desired year, you can download it as a PDF file for safekeeping or print a physical copy for your records.

Alternative Method (if unavailable on LiteBlue):

If you’re unable to locate your W-2 form on LiteBlue or encounter any difficulties, there are alternative options:

  • Contact the USPS Accounting Help Desk: You can reach out to the USPS Accounting Help Desk by phone at 866-974-2733. They might be able to assist you in retrieving your W-2 form or guide you on alternative methods of obtaining it.
  • Request a Duplicate W-2: If necessary, you can request a duplicate W-2 form by mail. Contact your local HR department or submit a written request to the Financial Reporting Section at the following address:

Financial Reporting Section
Finance Branch
Accounting Services
2825 Lone Oak Pkwy
Eagan MN 55121-9617

In conclusion, accessing your W-2 form on LiteBlue is a convenient option for most USPS employees. Remember to prioritize the official website for secure access and explore alternative methods if you encounter difficulties. It’s crucial to retain copies of your W-2 forms for tax filing purposes.

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